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Welcome to Endora, come on in and join the family.

Here you can view a selection of our past issues, we hope that you enjoy every issue of Endora and we hope, that you can be a part of the Endora story.

Endora magazine is dedicated to covering the Fashion Doll community in all its glory. Originally a facebook group formed to give people space to talk about the dolls that mean something to them. Barbie, Sindy, Sybarite, LOL, Bratz, Rainbow High, Moxie, Tonner, and everything else from the high end to the high street dolls.

We wanted to expand that concept further and create content that engages our audience and lets you know whats happening in the Fashion Doll world. Endora is a magazine created specifically for the fashion doll world and we look forward to collaborating with the many talented creators, designers, writers, photographers and companies in the community.

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